About Our Team

For over 30 years we've had the same goals: 
  • to determine as efficiently as possible which test is right for your teen through our proprietary assessments
  • To provide targeted one-on-one programs that teach them  efficient reading skills and other breakthrough strategies and techniques to maximize their scores
  • to ensure that our students have the same chance to gain access to top-tier school that our alumni have gone on to attend for nearly three decades. 

Harriet Broder

Harriet is well known in the Washington DC area for significantly boosting students test scores. Ultimately, students are provided with the best opportunity to get into the college of their choice. Recipient of Area’s #1 Test Prep Tutorial Program. With over four decades of experience, Harriet has taught all levels of students from the Ivy League bound former President's daughter to the struggling student with weak critical reading skills. She has served also as the developer of the curriculum and materials used in Breakthrough's Test Prep programs for over 25 years.

To learn more about Harriet's history and how she began developing the core methods that have continued to prove effective throughout countless changes, have a look at this interview first published in the Washington Times.


Dr. Allen Grabo

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Allen joined Breakthrough coming from a  strong interdisciplinary academic background and a passion for education. A National Merit Finalist thanks to an aptitude for the PSAT,  he was then offered a full academic scholarship to Michigan State University where he spent 4 years at the Honors College studying humanities (English, Psychology, and Philosophy) and volunteering as a tutor for gifted high school students throughout. After graduation, he worked independently as an English-language tutor in Spain for several years, and spent a decade working as a lecturer and supervisor while pursuing his masters and PhD in Social Psychology at the VU University in Amsterdam. After completing his dissertation he returned home to the States and met Harriet - through luck or fate - an both recognized an opportunity to make the best use of their skills. After shadowing her lessons, understanding her approach and methodology  he began working as a tutor, and in 2021 officially took over as owner and verbal instructor. We believe that with Harriet continuing to contribute her expertise and mentorship, Breakthrough is in an excellent position to continue providing expert tutoring to students in the DC Area for many more years to come. 


Charles Upton

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Charles has been involved with standardized test preparation for over eight years prior to coming on board with BreakThrough Test Prep. When we made the decision to expand into prepping for the math and science sections of the SAT and ACT, Charles fit the bill perfectly. He had the right demeanor, creativity, intelligence and most importantly the ability to create rapport with every kind of student. He is able to craft individualized study programs for students with widely varying goals and challenges.