I have known Harriet Broder, the principal at BreakThrough Test Prep, since she began working with my older son in 2007. I got Harriet�s name through the head of Norwood School � as I am probably the most critical parent when it comes to who is working with any of my kids � even one like my oldest who I knew didn�t need much prep.

In our initial conversation, Harriet immediately picked up on what kind on learner and student my son was. She told me he did not need a lot of SAT instruction � just tweaking. I thought, �This woman knows her stuff.� Yes, the tweaking worked and I was sold. What more can I say than my son�s SAT scores were off the charts, he got accepted into every school he applied to, and ultimately, he decided to attend Harvard.

A few years later my second child � who is a different type of student and test-taker � required a person he would respect to perform. He didn�t want to use the same person the first kid used, Well after visiting other SAT test preps, decided he could only work with Harriet. Based on her recommendation, he took the ACT, improved his scores, got accepted in his early decision school and is currently in CT as a freshman. � the ideal college environment for him

She is now working with my daughter who is a cross between my other two sons in terms of ability and confidence. I actually brought her to one of Harriet�s associates for SSAT prep several years earlier. We could only manage a few lessons, but it was enough to get her into the private school of her choice. We are now into her SAT prep. Through Harriet�s assessment, we confirmed that, in fact, the SAT will be her better test. Her latest scores are close to her goal, but Harriet believes she can do better � as I know she can. The next exam should do it!

Let me add that Harriet has not just been my kids� tutor but she has been a friend and a confidante to them as well as me. She and her math tutor, Charles Upton, are always there to lend a ear and/or to accommodate my kids� schedules. She made this whole testing process so much easier. I don�t know how I could have done it without her wisdom and guidance. I am so excited that she is branching out to help others.

An Elated GDS parent