Standardized test success depends as much upon test taking strategy and techniques as it does substantive knowledge. Harriet was critical in identifying test taking skills such as timing and speed of taking the test as well as recognizing those �red herring� answers that are traps on the SAT and the like. Most importantly, Harriet built a great relationship with my kids and simply made them feel more confident going into the exams. Confidence can overcome many deficiencies and improve overall results.

My middle and youngest children simply lacked confidence in their reading abilities. In one case, Harriet and I were able to identify an actual comprehension difficulty that we were able to overcome with extra time on the tests themselves. This extra time made all the difference and improved overall scores by over 100 points on reading comprehension. Those 100 points were the difference maker in allowing my child to get into the schools she was interested in attending.

A Very Satisfied Langley HS parent