I remember my first lesson with Harriet vividly. I remember her giving me a passage to read, and telling me to read it as quickly as I could using a skimming technique she had just taught me. I was puzzled, as I was so used to meticulously reading every passage before answering the comprehension questions. This time, however, I would be doing something drastically different. I finished reading the passage, a short one, in a little over a minute.
Harriet then asked me a series of questions, and I was both amazed and disappointed I got 7/10 questions right. Harriet, on the other hand, was pleased and told me that was exactly what I was going for. She explained to me that all I needed to get from the initial reading was more than half the questions right, and because I�d read the passage so quickly, I would have ample time to answer the remaining questions on the actual SAT. My confusion went away, as all I could think to myself was how genius of a method that was.
Those were the kind of lessons I got used to learning from Harriet. Every week, she would teach me something new; some minor adjustment I could make to save time or better understand a passage. More than just techniques on how to improve my score, Harriet also gave me confidence and skills I can use in the future. The day before I took my SAT, I went to Harriet for one last quick lesson, in which we did some vocabulary and grammar exercises. She helped calm me down, telling me that I had done all the work I needed to at that point, and all I had to do was continue doing what I�d done over the past few months. The next day would be first and only time I ever had to take the SAT.
Since going to Harriet for help, I�ve not only referred other students to her, but also try and teach her techniques, such as, my favorite one, finding the thesis of a passage, to people who ask me for tips. While doing well on the SAT is not the only thing that will get a person into college, I have no doubt my performance helped me get into the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Much of my strong performance on the test can be attributed to Harriet and her teachings.

A Very Proud Sidwell Friends student