When I began working with Harriet, I was somewhat skeptical. I had less than a month to prepare so I could only squeeze in 6 lessons, but I was determined and committed to getting my scores � which were in the 500?s � to over 600. It seemed like a reasonable goal as we were focused only on improving my critical reading. In that first lesson, I learned how to reframe my mindset � the foundation for making sure the techniques she was teaching me would be effective. Using reading drills, I improved my reading speed and my ability to find the thesis.

I was feeling good! When I learned how to apply these skills plus her technique to actual SAT passages, I felt so much more confident and it showed. My accuracy improved dramatically. I went into the exam knowing I had much more effective reading and test-taking skills. When I received my scores it validated what I knew: I went from a 560 to a 620. Imagine how much more I could have improved had I had the time to take the entire program! Thank you Harriet. (PS Ironically, I will miss our sessions together!)

A Very Happy NCS student