My daughter Cathy is a strong student at a very competitive private school in WDC. That said, she was doing quite well on 3 out of 4 sections on the ACT. We had worked with another highly recognized tutorial test prep service in the area, but Cathy remained �stuck� improving in the reading section. I went to the counselor at Cathy�s school and she said to call Harriet Broder as she�s the expert in improving students� reading scores: She has a program that works.

Even though I had spent a lot of money and time invested in this other program, I decided to call her and boy was it worth it! Cathy came home after the first lesson with a smile on her face. (She also loved working with the math/science tutor, but she only required some tweaking in those areas.) With Harriet�s guidance, she actually learned more efficient reading skills, not just strategies which were all that was previously addressed. Utlimately, she learned an amazing accupressure technique that helped her reduce the anxiety she had around being successful with the reading. Bottom line, she got her goal in just a few lessons: 21-25!

A Thrilled NCS Parent