Harriet worked with my sister and improved her SAT scores significantly, so of course my mom �gently� suggested I do the same. It took a while before we connected to work out a schedule � to be honest, I really wasn�t too adamant about committing to test prep. When we finally met, I realized after the first meeting that I could get the scores I wanted � in the 700?s � all I had to do was listen to her. I actually looked forward to our sessions as Harriet always knew how to say the right things to keep me moving forward. Fairly soon, I saw the skills and strategies she was teaching me really worked! I was truly motivated to do the work � usually less than 30 minutes a day � to be assured that my goal would be achieved.

Working with Harriet helped me so much more than I imagined. Her sessions go beyond test prep. She knows the SAT inside and out, and she told me exactly what I can do to maximize my scores. Everything,my reading speed, comprehension, and vocabulary improved exponentially during my time with her. I recommend working with her if you are serious about improving your verbal SAT scores. If you listen to her and put in the work like I did, you will be amazed. Thank you Harriet.

A Grateful Prep student