One-on-One Tutoring

What can Breakthrough do for you?

  • Do you want your teen to get higher test scores?

  • Do you have a student who does not test well?

  • Are you overwhelmed by all of the test prep options? 


When you can't predict what the test will about about, it's difficult for many students and parents to know where and how to start preparing. 


Once students understand what the tests are TRULY testing – the same level of language comprehension, the same critical thinking and reading skills – their fears soon dissipate.


For 35 years, Harriet Broder and her associates have helped thousands of students raise their test scores with her proprietary breakthrough strategies, and to realize “It’s not so much a test of what you know, but how you DEAL with what you know.”

What does YOUR Teen Need Most?

Perhaps your teen merely needs to believe that those high 600’s she gets on practice tests are for real. Maybe she has "plateaued" and just can’t hit that 700 mark. Whether your bright student needs confidence or troubleshooting, BreakThrough can provide the strategies and mandatory mindset to achieve their score goal.

Like many students your teen may perform exceptionally well in school, but lacks confidence when it comes to any exam, especially a standardized test. The scores do not match their potential. Your teen will welcome learning how to read more efficiently and how to pace appropriately. Within a few weeks we will have them reading faster, learning how to spot the most important ideas more quickly, and what to do when they can't. Along the way we'll focus on techniques for curbing anxiety and boosting confidence.

This is just one example, perhaps you recognize your own teen in our "Types of Learners" roundup. No matter what style, we'll move at a pace that is best suited to their strengths.