What Sets BreakThrough Test Prep Apart From Other Test Prep Options

A question I get asked regularly is what makes our program different from everyone else. Here’s a better question: “What does Breakthrough Test Prep offer that other test prep tutoring services do not?” With so many options to pick from, it can feel daunting to choose the best fit for your student. We know exactly what sets us apart from everyone else. Learn the unique methods we can provide to you and your student!

1) The biggest, most significant difference is that there are NO other tutoring programs that teach reading techniques as we do (which can be brought to the SAT, ACT, or for school in general), most particularly in:

  • Finding the main idea of the passage

  • Reading speed

  • How to skim and improve focus, comprehension, and speed

2) We choose to work with fewer students than other prep companies so that we can dedicate more time, energy, and focus to our students and create a unique, individual path for each one, as well as providing text and e-mail support. With that ability to keep up with our students, this gives us the ability to send reminders, tips, and more.