Introducing the shorter, digital SAT. Let's start with the FAQS.

Updated: Mar 26

The College Board recently announced the SAT will shift from a paper-and-pencil test to a computer-based exam in 2024. If you're hearing this for the first time, you may find these frequently asked questions and answers from the College Board website as a helpful first step:

Will the paper and pencil SAT still be available alongside the digital version?

We are making a full transition to digital, so once we begin administering the SAT Suite digitally we will no longer offer a paper and pencil version of the tests. Though we will continue to support students who test with accommodations that require a paper and pencil test. That means:

  • Starting in March 2023, all students taking the SAT at international test centers will take the digital test.

  • Starting in fall 2023, all students taking the PSAT-related assessments will take the digital tests. SAT School Day and SAT weekend administrations in the U.S. will still be paper and pencil.

  • Starting in spring 2024, all students will take the full SAT Suite of Assessments digitally.