How Should Your Sophomore or Junior Prepare for This Year's PSAT?

Updated: Apr 27

For most Montgomery County schools, this year's PSAT will be administered on October 12, 2022. Should your sophomore or junior prepare for the PSAT? The short answer is 'yes,' but before embarking on any PSAT preparation it’s important to have the facts – why it’s important and what it’s used for.

The PSAT is administered in-school as early as grade 8 through grade 11. Many parents are more mindful of the 10th grade PSAT and regard the one taken in 11th grade as superfluous. While the former is important, we strongly recommend focusing on the 11th-grade PSAT as it could potentially reap huge benefits for your teen.

Taking the PSAT as a 10th grader is primarily a great opportunity to experience the exam (timed, in-person, scantrons-and-all) which is why most high schools want their students to take it, but should sophomores prepare for the test?

We advise parents to have their students take this administration seriously. This does not mean enrolling in intensive preparation, but it does mean doing the best they can. We typically recommend our half-day PSAT Prep Works