1. What is the Breakthrough Test Prep Strategy System?

  • Teach students how to become efficient readers by developing a reading range between 300-1000 wpm depending on purpose and content.

  • Show students a way to learn and remember vocabulary by learning the most common prefixes and the most common roots – gaining a 'sense' of over 500,000 words!*

  • Teach students techniques to reduce test-taking anxiety.

  • Provide students with a step-by-step approach to the critical reading beginning how to find the thesis as well as the “Post-it Note Technique” to provide clarity of focus. 

  • Cue in on the equations and concepts on every SAT or ACT.

  • Hone in on an awareness of test format to maximize scores.

  • Learn the 20 most frequently tested grammar rules on both the SAT and ACT.

  • Learn the essence of the ACT math and science by learning - cut through the jargon and create a customized strategy based on efficient pacing techniques

*There is no high level vocabulary question on the SAT or ACT, but such language often appears in the more challenging reading passages.

2. How do you know which test a student should take?

We are the only company who has developed four quick assessments and profiles that we use to accurately determine what the better test is for your teen:


  • The 60 ACT vs. SAT Assessment. This assessment consists of 11 either/or questions based on the tests format and content.

  • The 90 Second ACT and SAT Skill Set Assessment. These assessments ask students to rate the relevant skill sets required to score well on the SAT and ACT. After students add up the numbers they are then provided with an SAT or ACT score conversion table. This is approximately 90% accurate.

  • What Type of Learner is Your Teen? Breakthrough has identified and described six types of learners based on how they approach learning.

  • The Parent and Student Profiles. These provide more information about your teen relative to course load, interests, course rigor, GPA and other more nuanced information as well.

3. How do you know how many lessons are required?

The optimum number of lessons is determined by the information revealed in the above assessments and profiles. This is what we call Tuition Based on Potential Score Goal. In other words, this is NOT a one-size-fits-all program.

4. Do you guarantee that your students will improve?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee performance, but we DO guarantee that the strategies and techniques taught use when applied.

5. How much improvement should I expect?

The majority of our students experience a minimum improvement of 40-120 per section depending upon level and goal. ACT improvement is 3-6 points.

6. How much homework is assigned?

 To experience significant improvement, students need to spend a minimum of 40 hours of study - this includes tutorial sessions and at home work. The best way to describe the level of assignments is that it's reminiscent of a bell curve - less in the beginning, more in the middle, and less toward the end.

7. How is Breakthrough Test Prep different from other test prep programs? 

  • Curriculum that teaches efficient reading as the core foundation of all our test prep programs. This means improving speed, comprehension, and focus.

  • Quick assessments to determine the better test for your teen. (See above.)

  • Recommended Reading List

  • Critical thinking and reading skills designed to teach students how to find the point of a reading passage.

  • Skills taught ultimately become life skills especially relevant for college and beyond.

  • An accurate potential score goal provided via our assessments

8. What materials do you use? 

  • We have created manuals and developed proprietary strategies for all our test prep programs. We use real tests for practice as well as Ivy Global. (Ivy Global has managed to create tests that capture the 'flavor' of the test unlike most other commercial prep books. 

9. how do you calculate tuition? 

  • Tutition is calculated on on what call "Potential Score Goal" as mentioned previously, which is why we take the time to go through their assessments and determine the optimal number of verbal and math hours. Often these fit into the same types of packages, but we will always do our best to recommend as many classes as necessary and no more.

  • Have a look at our brochure that explains the process, and the full tution structure by clicking here